Discover what famous people of South Tyrol think about the “E-Sellaronda” project!


Thomas Widmann, member of the Province government for trade, industry, commerce, mobility and personnel:

“They have almost a mysterious beauty and their proximity is touching: the Dolomites, the Sella massif and their surroundings should be places where smog, traffic congestion and climate change are definitely abstract and distant concepts. However, reality is different. The social and technological development shows us that, in future, we have to be more engaged in alternatives, like the sustainable energy exploitation and eco-friendly mobility.

Even if technology improves constantly, the consciousness about the possibilities and potential of the electric mobility has not yet been established firmly among the population.

Nevertheless, this trend needs to be promoted by supporting the market introduction of e-vehicles.

On one hand, “E-Sellaronda” demonstrates which are the real capabilities of electric vehicles so far; on the other hand, the initiative shows how much better and attractive our precious nature can be without pollution. The ones who have already had the pleasure to experience this “pure” nature, are even more motivated and convinced to opt for the e-mobility.”